Saturday, August 22, 2009


Decided to google "science buzz", and what do I find? A whole page of entries of folk who got there before me, including the US-based National Science Foundation. Indeed, their whatsit underneath reads "Dig deeper into science headlines", which was exactly my concept for this site - I was just struggling for the right words you realize. ;-)

Well, let's be philosophical about such things. After all, didn't Newton and Leibniz both stumble on the idea of calculus while sunning themselves in their respective back gardens, albeit a few hundred miles apart, with or without windfall-dropping apple trees to concentrate the mind?

What matters at the end of the day, say the peacemakers, is the idea, not who discovered it. Well, they would say that, wouldn't they, bunch of boring old peacemaking farts, boring being their raison d'être ? Effing morons - they just just don't understand the nature of the game. It's about fame, glory, being acknowledged as "brain of the century", indeed the millennium - that's 10 raised to the power of three years in case you didn't know - recognized with one's tomb parked in Westminster Abbey alongside that of King Whatsisname- you know, the one who 'ad-something 'orrible done to 'im- , with gawping tourists saying " 'E was the world's greatest ever scientist, y'know. They say he 'ad his best idea when an' apple dropped on 'is bleedin' head"...

Another monument stands in tribute, attached to the wall of the covered "Isaac Newton Shopping Centre "in Grantham, Lincs, now better known as the birthplace of the Iron Lady. It's a giant painted jigsaw cut-out from plywood or similar of a rosy-red apple. Bless...

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