Monday, August 31, 2009

One Diabetic: Diabetes and The Luckiest Man Alive!

One Diabetic: Diabetes and The Luckiest Man Alive!

"Am not sure how these links work, so I'll just insert the URL of my own post, on which I posted earlier today on the subject of Gareth Roberts. Medical miracle? NHS cockup more likely, if you ask me!"

Confusing message? You betcha.  No, this IS NOT my main post on Gareth Roberts of diabetes fame. That's now two before this one.

So how on earth  did this one get here? Well, it's like this.

I had googled *gareth roberts diabetes* and found the link to the BBC's story. I then spotted a facility  I hadn't really noticed before, namely the ability to attach a comment to a Google entry, which I did so, asking  whether Gareth's liberation from daily insulin injections was really a medical miracle, or whether it was an NHS cockup. It'll be interestig to see if that added note  "makes waves" or not.

I then spotted another link lower down to the site of another diabetes patient, a genuine Type 1 patient this time,  and tried to leave a comment.

But  the "Leave a comment tab" was totally dead - why for heaven's sake?  Does he not want comments?  But there was a facility to link to one's own blog, and this new post  is the result. In other words, this post was generated completely automatically - by a robot-  without my being aware it would appear!  It's not what I'd intended, and I'm not over-enamoured with the result:  it's probably not really clear to you the reader how it came to be here, and could be confusing if you were looking for my main post.  But it may have its uses in future, now I now how it operates.

This blog-linking  facility is way of creating a shop window for someone else's post, which in this instance is the one at the top "One diabetic..." etc. But it's a tool I shall use with caution in future, since it has the potential to create confusion.

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