Monday, August 31, 2009

Testing new Google comment facility on the Gareth Roberts diabetes story

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I did a post yesterday on the amazing - some might say disturbing - report on the BBC's website about Gareth Roberts, the man who had  been on insulin injections most of his 32 years, and is now able to take pills instead - ones intended for what supposedly is an entirely  different type of diabetes.

Last night I googled *gareth edwards diabetes* to see what else was on the Web, and spotted not just a link to the BBC's story, but a facility to leave a comment. With my thoughts now hardening on Gareth's story, I immediately availed myself of that opportunity to say what I really think.  What you see above is a cropped image capture! The key words (final sentence) are  "He is now being presented as a medical miracle. NHS cockup more likely!"

It'll be interesting to see whether or not  this facility gives added audibility to one lone voice - moi- crying in that wilderness we call the blogosphere...

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