Thursday, May 22, 2014

Thanks for providing us with the Shard, Sellar Property and State of Qatar: London needed a lightning conductor.

Yup, we were taught in physics that the surefire way to discharge and dissipate static electricity safely is to instal a large pointed object.

The Sellar Company and State of Qatar have duly obliged by constructing  the tallest (310m) skyscraper in western Europe on the south Bank of the Thames, close to London Bridge.

Here it is, performing as per physics textbooks:

 The photograph is from today's Mail, btw.

Also (late addition) on the BBC's site as well:

Yes, we aim to to be topical on this site.

Might that picture soon be accompanying the routine "hair-standing-on-end"  Van de Graaff machine photos in school physics textbooks?

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