Friday, December 12, 2014

Too clever-by-half Google search engine goes from bad to worse...

The words entered into Google search were: typical composition linen cellulose hemicellulose pectin.

Immediately, the correctly-spelt, non-esoteric term "linen" was underlined in red as if a misprint.

The all-knowing, all-wise Google then suggested "lignin" as a replacement for linen.


Yes, I know that search strings that incorporate the sequence (cellulose hemicellulose pectin) will maybe occasionally contain the non-carbohydrate term lignin too. But it's not for Google's algorithm to go second-guessing the accuracy of what one keys into the search box if not an obvious typo.

It's time Google stopped reinforcing all our worst stereotypes about recruitment policies in Silicon Valley. It's time Google stopped treating its software like a plaything. It's time Google protected the software coding from fresh-out-of-college types who seem to assume that users "out there" in cyber space are halfwits or morons.

As for 'googling' with a view to quickly locating what I vaguely recall posting somewhere or other
under my sciencebod pseudonym, and getting back a list headed

"These are the returns for science bob. Did you mean sciencebod?"

then words simply fail me.


Update: 15:50  Still 12 Dec

Yup, it's still happening. Google sciencebod, and the first return is "science bob". Damn you Google. A plague on all your servers.

This is arrogance on stilts.

Why doesn't Google simply add  a set-up menus option?

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