Tuesday, March 13, 2018

So why does Stonehenge looks the way it does? Try imagining a bird's eye view. It was clearly intended to serve as a megalithic bird perch!

I've taken an artist's impression from the English Heritage website of how Stonehenge may have looked shortly after completion, circa 2500BC, with those mighty but mysterious sarsen-stone lintels in place. The latter have been colour coded - yellow for the TOPS of the 5 arch-like  trilithons, and pink for approx half of the  TOPS of surrounding stone circle.

I've added a token seagull (sorry it's upside down!). Why? Because what you see is a bird's eye view of Stonehenge that conveys a crucial aspect of that unique and stunning structure, one that is not immediately obvious to a tourist or other visitor viewing from ground level.


Why? Followers of this blog will be aware of the scientific "model" that has been developing here and on my specialist Stonehenge/Silbury Hill site these last 6 years.

I believe that Stonehenge was created as a "pre-crematorium", where the newly deceased were first subject to what is euphemistically termed "sky burial", aka excarnation, aka de-fleshing. (Or, as I prefer to call it, AFS (avian-facilitated skeletonization) - as still practiced in Tibet and elsewhere.

More to follow.

Addendum: March 16, 2018

Sorry to repeat myself, but I've decided to add the same image you see above as an addendum to ALL my Stonehenge postings (some 24 in all, here and on my specialist Stonehenge site). Why not – since it’s my considered answer to the ‘mystery’ of the monument’s peculiar architecture, the conclusion to some 6 years of  deliberation?

I say Stonehenge was designed as a giant bird perch, a ceremonial monument dedicated to ‘sky burial’, i.e. soul release from mortal remains to the heavens via AFS (avian-facilitated skeletonization, considered the height of fashion (and practicality) in Neolithic-era 2500BC! The stripped remains were then cremated, so an apt description of Stonehenge might, as previously suggested, be PRE-CREMATORIUM.


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Unless or until one or other of those internet giants (Google or AOL) email me with (a) a proper explanation and (b) an apology, there will be no further new postings on this site.

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For now, then, I will give this site`s host the benefit of the doubt, and use it to post on my current bugbear, namely portable so-called electric coolers aimed at caravans owners etc, operating via solid-state electronics. I suspect that the air temperature inside those units is a poor guide to the actual temperature of the added contents, whether pre-cooled or not: I suspect that we are seeing a devious bit of misleading marketing (clue - I`ve had to insert my own thermometer to measure internal cabinet temperature, which I consider may be an unreliable guide to that of inserted contents, at least on a realistic time scale - minutes rather than hours (or days!). We shall see.

Next step is to have two thermometers inside - one to measure the air temperature, the other to measure that of contents - e.g; drinks in cans or bottles.